Cette page rapporte le chat du Dimanche 8 Novembre 1998, dans lequel Walter Russo est venu avec un invité de prestige: ROGER HODGSON LUI-MÊME! Alors en tournée au Brésil, il nous a accordé une heure de son temps précieux pour répondre à nos questions. Quel moment... inoubliable!
Ce log du chat est en version anglaise originale. Log certifié par l'op du chat, Sylvain, et par moi-même, tous deux présents lors de ce chat (d'ailleurs vous m'y verrez!).
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<Sylvain> Walter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Sylvain> hi! :o)
<JoseAntonio> BRASIL!!!!!!!
<TonyW> uh oh hehe
<Jorge> walter and Roger!!!!!
<Jeriby> I don't know, eating brazilian meats...
<Aine> Hi ya boy!
<DougA> Hi Roger and Walter!
<Jorge> hallo??
<JoseAntonio> ROGER, and Walter WELCOME
<Lorna> yippe!
<TonyW> Hello
<Trond> Hello
<Sylvain> Hi Roger and Walter! :o)
<kj> howdeee
<Jorge> welcome
<DougA> you took the long way here!
<Jeriby> Welcome to ROGER and Walter
<Andrea> Hi Roger!Hi Walter!You are really you?
<Lorna> Who gets the 1st question?
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<Jeriby> twenty three minutes late!
<Sylvain> Walter - type /nick RogerHodgson
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<TonyW> Hello from USA (INDIANA TO BE EXACT) Roger and Walter!
<kj> hi from TEXAS
<Jeriby> Hi From FRANCE
<Aine> Hello from Belfast.
<Sylvain> then we'll get started....
<Jorge> ok...
<Jorge> but there is no response...
<JoseAntonio> Hello from Granada, Spain
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*** Retrieving #supertramp info...
<TonyW> like a concert...20 minutes later than published 8-)
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<Sylvain> ok everyone... I moderated the room now... Roger welcome from
everyone here! all of us will take turn talking to you so as not to get
this too confusing ok?
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<Sylvain> ok... so... we'll start with our friend Anne from Ireland....
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<Sylvain> go ahead Anne....
<Aine> Roger I love traditional fiddling music.
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<Aine> It seems to me that your music is very simialr in that it has minor
keys, unusual accents and fast rhythms.
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<Aine> Do you like celtic music and would you ever use it in your work?
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<Pomfret> I love it also and all kinds of celtic music
<Sylvain> would you ever use it in your work?
<Jorge> Andrea, your turn
<Sylvain> yes Andrea...
<Andrea> Roger,what do you think about a small tour in Italy?If you want,I
can search a promoter for you...Also,have you ever been here?
<Pomfret> I am planning on using more celtic sounds in the future
<Pomfret> After I make the next recording I hope to go everywhere that I
could not go to this year
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<Sylvain> Doug... you have a question for the man?
<Sylvain> lol
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<Jorge> lol
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<Pomfret> Yes I love Italy.
<DougA> Hi Roger and welcome.. we have waited for this day for some time! I
was wondering if you have decided whole might join you on your new cd?
<Pomfret> My index finger is going as fast as it can
<Sylvain> lol... it's ok... you're doing fine!
<Jorge> good Roger!
<DougA> sorry i meant who not whole
<Pomfret> No I have not decided yet who to use. I hope to be doing some
recording in France
*** Sylvain sets mode: -v DougA
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<Jorge> Guille... your turn!
<Sylvain> Hi Guille... you got here just in time! you have a question for
your friend Roger?
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<guille> one sec
<Jorge> :o)
<guille> when are you going back to the studio?
<Pomfret> My name is Marcio. I am typing for Roger now...
<Sylvain> ok hi Marcio!
<Jorge> ok Marcio, thanks
<Pomfret> I begin in january
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<Sylvain> do you have a good idea of what you plan to record?
<Pomfret> hi there (Marcio saying)
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<Pomfret> I have enough for two cds. That is my  only problem.
*** Sylvain sets mode: +v Henrique
<Jorge> Henrique is your turn now!! from Brazil!
<Henrique> Roger please play Surely on the rio gig!!!
<Sylvain> yeah! well... make it  a double cd then! :o)
<Pomfret> Sylvain, record this chat, please (Walter saying)
<Sylvain> Henrique... your turn...
<Jorge> Sylvain will do!!
<Sylvain> I am logging it Walter! :o)
<Henrique> Roger i would like to let you that this is an honor for me
<Pomfret> I will be taking requests
<Jorge> You're a master of that Roger!
<Pomfret> I will try to play surely
<Sylvain> yes!!!
<Henrique> thanks!
<Sylvain> Henrique do you have a question?
<Jorge> Sylvain... next one...
<Henrique> and hid in your shell too, i love that song!!!
<Henrique> sorry hide
*** Sylvain sets mode: -v Henrique
*** Sylvain sets mode: +v Jeriby
<Pomfret> I will be playing "hide in your shell"
<Sylvain> ok from France... jeriby
<Jorge> Jeriby your turn!!
<Jeriby> Just to say that it's a good idea to record some tracks in France.
Are you planning to come in France in the next tour and will it be like
this tour, in solo, or with a band? and in front of 400 people or 40000? :)
<Jorge> ;o)
<Pomfret> It depends on a lot of things. I was very sad not to play in
France this time.
<Jeriby> I hope to see you at last... hehehe
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*** Sylvain sets mode: -v Jeriby
<Pomfret> I have 2 record companies making me offers.
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<Jorge> great to hear that Roger!!
<Sylvain> from Spain... Jose!
<JoseAntonio> eah great
<JoseAntonio> yeah great
<JoseAntonio> Really me?
<Sylvain> yes! lol
<Jorge> Jose... your great chance!!
<JoseAntonio> Ok, Roger it`s great you are here
<JoseAntonio> From Granada, Spain.
<Pomfret> Walter is hitting me right now...
<Sylvain> Walter - Stop hitting Roger and Marcio ok!!! lol
<Sylvain> now... Jose?
<Pomfret> Hello, Jose. How s your drumming
<Pomfret> ?
<Jorge> Walter.... we know you're Rick's friend but... :o)
<JoseAntonio> How do you feel with such a big World tour, And if you are
going to the studio in January, what about touring Spain?
<Sylvain> lol Jorge!
<JoseAntonio> lol I´m not the Drummer.
<Jorge> Roger Jose Antonio is not the drummer, is the other one from BIS...
<Pomfret> Ok. Sorry.
<Jorge> that's fine
<JoseAntonio> neither HUSEEIN
<JoseAntonio> lol
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<Jorge> lol
<Pomfret> It feels wonderful to be in Brazil.
<Jorge> Roger.. did you get Jose's question?
<Pomfret> In Walter`s Supertramp Museum.
<JoseAntonio> lol
<Jorge> Roger.. did you answer Jose's question already?
<Pomfret> I don't think i will be touring again till the album is done.
<Jorge> ok
<Jorge> Sylvain.. next one
<Sylvain> ok... Kim from Texax... you got a question for Roger?
<Sylvain> Texas sorry...
<Pomfret> I was also very sad not to come to Spain on this tour
<Jorge> you will next time :o)
<Jorge> Kim?
<Sylvain> hmm... maybe she's away?
<kj> Kim from Lubbock Tx no question at this time.. Just a moment to thank
Roger for making the music that has touched my soul so deeply...thank you
((((ROGER))))) a big internet hug.   Hope to see you in Tx soon
<Sylvain> ok good! :o)
<Jorge> great Kim!
<Pomfret> Thank you, Kim.
*** Sylvain sets mode: -v kj
*** Sylvain sets mode: +v Lorna
<Jorge> Lorna.... at last your dream come true!!
<Sylvain> and now another Canadian fan... Lorna from Vancouver!
-Sylvain- Sergio is trying to message you
<Jorge> Lorna must be typing... :o)
<Sylvain> yeah or maybe she fainted! She IS a big fan :o)
<Lorna> Hi from Vancouver, B.C., Canada!Thanks for playing my request
"Rosie" in Victoria! Has playing live affected your hearing? My husband is
hearing impaired & he loses his balance from the bass vibrations :o( Care
to do an acoustic concert for us? :o) Tony W. who is in the chat room is 32
today - thought you could sing Happy Birthday to him o) Take Care, Roger!!
<Jorge> Is Walter a good host Roger?
<Jorge> great Lorna!!
<Pomfret> I were in ear monitors that feel better to me. I have lost some
hearing over the years
*** Sylvain sets mode: -v Lorna
<Jorge> Sergio be quiet... your turn is now...
<Pomfret> Happy birthday, Tonny. (Walter is greeting you too)
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*** Sylvain sets mode: +v TonyW
<Pomfret> We are all singing now
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<Sylvain> here's the birthday boy....
<Jorge> Tony say something!!
<TonyW> me already? hehe I have about a million questions
<Jorge> lol
<Sylvain> well... start with one! :o)
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<Pomfret> I had an incredible welcome at the airport.
<TonyW> You have worked with Trevor Rabin in the past why did that
collabortion not work out? Also have you ever considered working with
Thomas Diolby or Iva Davies?
<Jorge> really??
<TonyW> Dolby oops
<Sylvain> that's good! these are the kind of thigns we planned to ask
Walter about! :o)
<Sylvain> the airport thing I mean... not the Trevor Rabin question!
<TonyW> lol
<Jorge> lol
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<Jorge> Roger must be typing... with his index finger.. :o)
<TonyW> lol
<Pomfret> Trevor and I are still friends and hope to work together again. I
have never considered working with the musicians you mentioned although I
like them
<TonyW> cool
*** Sylvain sets mode: -v TonyW
*** Sylvain sets mode: +v Torkjel
<Sylvain> on now to a couple of very patient Norwegian fans... Torkjel...
you're up!
<Jorge> Norway is coming now!!
<Torkjel> Hi Roger from Norway
<Torkjel> I know you and Rick sung you own songs. But who wrote 'Just a
Normal Day' since you both sing solo on that song, and why?
<Pomfret> Hi, Torkjel.
<Torkjel> and also, are you considering coming to Norway on your next tour?
<Pomfret> We both wrote the parts that we sang
*** Sylvain sets mode: -v Torkjel
<Pomfret> I hope to go everywhere
*** Sylvain sets mode: +v Trond
<Jorge> Trond!!! your turn!!!
<Sylvain> now Trond from Norway also!
<Trond> Roger, My hero, my friend, my dream is to meet you................
<Trond> Double CD is the solution.
<Pomfret> We will meet!
<Sylvain> oh yes... definitely!
<Trond> Say Goodbye is the most charming/lovely song I’ve ever heard.....
<Trond> Will you put it on your next album??
<Pomfret> I have thought about the double CD
<Trond> A double CD would be GREAT.
<Pomfret> "Say goodbye" will be on the album
<Sylvain> oh yes... how about a big box set? :o)
<Jorge> great to hear that Roger!
<Trond> Thanks.  I'm so happy.
*** Sylvain sets mode: -v Trond
<Sylvain> ok... Jorge... your turn now! :o)
<Jorge> ok... my turn then
<Jorge> Roger... what can I say?
<Pomfret> It was great seeing you in California
<Jorge> I am so indebted to you for the time you spent with me in Nevada
City... despite me chosing the longest road! :o)
<Jorge> from Yosemite... :o)
<Jorge> A question.... could you tell us something more concrete about the
record companies you're in touch with?
<Pomfret> Soon
<Jorge> And... please... simply give my best regards to your family, they
are great!! And before >I forget I'm sending you and the rest of the people
in the chat Peggy's best regards!! (I talked to her by phone a few hours
ago...) THANKS
<Sylvain> ok... do I get one now? :o)
<Pomfret> My love to Peggy
<Jorge> I also think a double CD will be a great solution
<Jorge> Sylvain.... YOUR TURN MY FRIEND!
<Sylvain> Roger, your electric guitar playing is great and yet it's obcured
a lot by your accoustic and keyboard playing... do you play electric at
home? do you miss it? can we expect some on your next albums?
<Jorge> (and then Walter perhaps... ) :o)
<Sylvain> oh yes!
<Pomfret> The bigger my band becomes then it allows me to play more
electric guitar
<Sylvain> ok... Roger how do you feel about this chat?
<Sylvain> want to go for another round?
<Pomfret> I'm enjoying it.
<Sylvain> oh and I was forgetting... Walter's with you and can ask you all
he wants but maybe he'd like to ask something on the chat... Walter?
<Jorge> Roger... Sarah is not here becuase she is on holydays I think... we
are missing her here... she was about to go to Brazil to see you!
<Sylvain> yeah... poor Sarah will hate missing you here!... how about a few
words for her?
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<Pomfret> Walter is thinking about some question. He is too excited to
<Sylvain> lol
<Pomfret> (the last one was Marcio's comment)
<Pomfret> It was great seeing Sarah in Bruxelles.
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*** Sylvain sets mode: +v Aine
<Sylvain> ok so... starting from the top again with Anne from Ireland...
<Jorge> Roger... have you got time for another round?? :o)
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<Pomfret> Let's go for it
<Sylvain> thanks! :o)
<Jorge> great!
<Aine> Roger I love, love your music.  I'm a  teacher (silly me) and so
firstly can't gettime off to travel to see you.
<Jorge> Anne, your turn again! :o)
<Aine> I also have to fly to London for concerts so can I ask that if you
ever play there can yo "GO" for a week-end gig.  And also er, can you tell
me what "Rosie" is about.
<Aine> Angel Hair is in none of my gardening books.  My fav song so please
<Pomfret> Maybe I can come to Ireland to play. I woud like that.
<Aine> I love your music Roger - oh you would have a blast I'm sure.
<Aine> We could get a little session going afterwards in a pub!
*** Sylvain sets mode: -v Aine
*** Sylvain sets mode: +v Andrea
<Sylvain> and Andrea from Italy!
<Andrea> Why you haven't included the whole Rites of Passage show in the
album?Do you think you can put the other live tracks,such as Lord is it
mine,as B-sides for future singles?Or,what about a limited release for the
fans in Internet?
<Pomfret> The line 'acting upon information received' came to me and I had
to build a song around that
<Jorge> Roger... got Andrea's question?
<Sylvain> maybe Marcio's taking a break... :o)
<Pomfret> The recordings of the other songs were not quite good enough to
*** Sylvain sets mode: -v Andrea
*** Sylvain sets mode: +v DougA
<DougA> thanks Sylvain
<Sylvain> and back to Doug from Canada....
<DougA> Hi again Roger .. with Y2K approaching have you given some thoughts
to maybe what we are in for and maybe a song for the new millinium?
<Pomfret> "Say goodbye".
<DougA> lol
<Jorge> good answer Roger!!
<DougA> great song!
<Sylvain> lol
*** Sylvain sets mode: -v DougA
*** Sylvain sets mode: +v guille
<guille> I had the chance to hear the original ROP sessions in Santa cruz
and I enjoyed a hard version of "london" and a fantastic version of
"dessert love"....why have you left out these songs from hai hai in your
latest shows? are you not satisfied with these songs? another question
would be "what do you expect from the next world tour: promote your music
in front of 15.000 fans or be so close to 300 fans per show like this last
<Sylvain>  you know Guille I think... :o)
<Jorge> wow!!
<Sylvain> yeah I think he was ready! :o)
<Jorge> lol
<guille> too long.... maybe
<Jorge> that's fine Guille :o)
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<Jorge> Guille!
<Sylvain> oops... he'll be back I'm sure
<Jorge> yep
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<Pomfret> I am playing "london" and "desert love" with a rhythm section. In
fact, in the 2 shows that I just did in California I also had dancers on
stage with me for "desert love" and "death and a zoo". It was fantastic!
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<Sylvain> guille... here is Roger's answer you've missed....
<Sylvain> <Pomfret> I am playing "london" and "desert love" with a rhythm
section. In fact, in the 2 shows that I just did in California I also had
dancers on stage with me for "desert love" and "death and a zoo". It was
*** Sylvain sets mode: +v Henrique
<Sylvain> ok back to Henrique from Rio, Brazil!
<Henrique> Thanks. Do you still listen to old Supertramp´ albums? Which is
your favourite?
-Sylvain- guilles is trying to message you
<Henrique> How do you define Supertramp´ sound? Pop  progressive, art rock?
do you like prog?
<Jorge> good question!
<Pomfret> I listen to "Crisis? What crisis?" the most.
<Pomfret> I don't like labels. I leave that to others.
<Henrique> i enjoy a lot don´ leave me now tell me a bit about this song
*** Sylvain sets mode: -v Henrique
<Sylvain> ok.... anything you can say about "Don't Leave Me Now"?
<Pomfret> I can not remenber but I like it too.
*** Sylvain sets mode: +v Jeriby
<Sylvain> yeah good song...
<Sylvain> now on to the youngest fan here... Jerome from France...
<Jorge> Jeriby from France!!
<Jeriby> I want to tell you that I'm nearly 17. What do you think about
young fans?
<Sylvain> wow! lol
<Pomfret> I am also playing this one with the band.
<Jeriby> and my birthday date is November 30th
<Jorge> lol
<Pomfret> I love having young fans. I love to be around young energy.
<Jorge> like your son...
<Jeriby> thank you very much Roger... ;-)
<Sylvain> are you surprised that your music keep touching all generations
of fans?
*** Sylvain sets mode: -v Jeriby
<Pomfret> (by Marcio: each question Roger answers to you guys, he answers 3
for us here!!!)
<Jorge> lucky you guys! :o)
<Sylvain> lol! can't you type three times as fast and let us know
<Sylvain> lol
<Jorge> Sylvain... is Jose Anotnio's turn
<Sylvain> another Spanish fan... Jose....
*** Sylvain sets mode: +v JoseAntonio
<Jorge> he needs op+
<Jorge> ok, sorry
<JoseAntonio> (not the Drummer)
*** miss has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<Pomfret> Sorry for the mistake.\
<Pomfret> (by Marcio: I am already having a hard time to write prperly what
he says, imagine if I would type everything at all!)
<Jorge> That's fine Roger... but Jose Antonio wouldn't dare to break a
stick of yours!
<Jorge> :o)
<Sylvain> you're doing fine Marcio! :o)
<Jorge> sure!
<JoseAntonio> Well Roger, Will Andrew Play with you in Your new DOBLUE CD,
and we heard something about King Arthur Theme in your new CD, what about
<JoseAntonio> and to finish send greetins to your Crew, tony Iam and Trevor
<Pomfret> (thanks)\
<Pomfret> I will say hi to everyone.
<JoseAntonio> And Jordi told me to send you greeting He couldn´t stay
longer to talk to you
<JoseAntonio> Do you Remember any Spacial Show?
*** Sylvain sets mode: -v JoseAntonio
<Pomfret> Almost all were special. It was great to spend time with the BIS
<Sylvain> what about the King Arthur project... any news about that?
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<Jorge> I think Jose was referring to the album Excalibur... celtic music
where Roger sings a couple of songs... am I right?
<Pomfret> Excalibur comes out in January on Sony in France only I think. It
is a great CD
<Sylvain> ok we'll look for it in January then!
*** Sylvain sets mode: +v kj
<Jorge> why only in France...? :o(
<Sylvain> back to Kim from Texas....
<kj> Kim in Texas.......just chillin....enjoying the chat....milk and
cookies Roger?  sorry guys no questions..busy reading and chasing kids.
Trying to enjoy as much of this as I possibly can.  (besides I am shy)
Thanks Roger for taking the time
<Sylvain> it's ok Kim... glad you're here anyway! :o)
<Pomfret> It is an album of many different styles but with a celtic theme
<kj> thanks
<Jorge> yeah!
<kj> chocolate chip?
<Jorge> Lorna from canada as well!!
<Lorna> Hi Roger, Please record Death & A Zoo on your next album! It was
great to see the song grow from your Vancouver show - to your closing
Victoria show. Is Karuna or Andrew with you on your Brazil tour? You are
welcome to join us every 2nd Sunday to chat, Roger! :o)
<Sylvain> lol
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<Pomfret> Thanks Lorna. Death and a zoo will be on the next album. It has
grown since you heard it
*** Sylvain sets mode: -v Lorna
*** Sylvain sets mode: +v TonyW
<TonyW> Here's my book of questions: First what is the Brand of Keyboard
you used this tour? Will you ever come play in Indiana again? If you need a
backup to sing Rick's parts in your songs I'd be glad to audition :)  Also,
I would love to see California, can I come visit? hehe]
<Pomfret> No Karuna and Andrew stayed home for this tour. There are seven
of us on this tour
<Jorge> Tony is not shy.... :o)
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<Pomfret> I have just got a Korg Trinity as a Mother Keyboard. Hope to see
you in Indiana next time around
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*** Sylvain sets mode: -v TonyW
*** Sylvain sets mode: +v Torkjel
<Sylvain> back to Norway again! :o)
<Torkjel> Supertramp belonged to one of the superbands of the 70's, How do
you feel of some of the other bands, like Pink Floyd and Genesis etc? Was
there any other particular bands you liked?
<Pomfret> I loved them both and what was happening in England in the
seventies. Traffic were probably my favourite band
<Torkjel> great :)
*** Sylvain sets mode: -v Torkjel
*** Sylvain sets mode: +v Trond
<Sylvain> and another big fan from Norway!
<Trond> 4Roger, your lyrics touch me so deeply (especially The Meaning,
Puppet Dance and Take The Long Way Home).  Thanks.
<Jorge> still in Norway!!
<Trond> Record sale:  How many copies are sold worldwide????
<Trond> I’m only asking for your solo-albums.
<Pomfret> How many? I really don't know. Maybe around two million.
*** Sylvain sets mode: -v Trond
<Jorge> Now it's me I guess...
<Sylvain> Jorge... you have something... yes! :o)
<Pomfret> Go
<Jorge> Hmm Roger... have you seen recently any bear in your land? :o)
<Jorge> And a couple of more questions... (sorry): Have you already come to
terms with the new version of Showdown? Do you still play School with the
audience singing along?
<Pomfret> No Bear sign. The land is beautiful as ever
<Jorge> good!
<Pomfret> Walter has promised to find me a Cappucino --- after I
<Jorge> lol
<Sylvain> lol!!!
<Sylvain> First I have to say that it's really great of you to take the
time to meet the fans after concerts and now here on the chat... it really
means a lot to all of us. I also wonder how much you keep track of your
guestbook? Do you read everything people write there?
<Pomfret> We'll see how good the Brazilians are at singing. I suspect I'll
be playing School
<Jorge> great!!!
<Jorge> and about Showdown...?
<Pomfret> I read the guestbook regularly which is why I recognise so many
of your names. I love the fact so many friendships are forming because of
<Jorge> yeah
<Jorge> and what do you think about THIS CHAT??
<Pomfret> I am still thinking about re-doing Showdown on the next CD
<Pomfret> It's great. Another reason I must learn to type!!!!
<Sylvain> Roger - would you like us to make the room normal again and have
everybody talk publicly like on a normal chat? maybe you'd be curious to
see how it usually is?
<Jorge> good Roger!! lol
<Jorge> Yes Sylvain... I was about to say the same... :o)
<Pomfret> Yes I'd love that. I'll check in while I sign
<Jorge> good... come on everybody!!!! :o)
<Sylvain> ok so here it comes then.... people don't flood Roger with
questions ok? lol
*** Retrieving #supertramp info...
<Jorge> lol
*** Sylvain sets mode: -m
<Aine> Oh my, 3 hours plus.  This is a record I think.
<kj> thanks everyone...learned alot
<Sylvain> there... everyone can talk now! :o)
<Aine> Thanks Roger!
<Sylvain> Roger thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<kj> thanks
<DougA> thank you!
<Jorge> Roger... look how fast this can be... :o)
<JoseAntonio> Thanks Walter for share with us your time with Roger
<Lorna> How is your birthday going, Tony - what a gift, eh!!!!!
<Andrea> Thanks Roger!We'll wait for you in Italy!
<Sylvain> what is everyone's feeling about this?
<DougA> the flood gates are open!
<TonyW> Thanks for the wonderful Birthday present!
<Sylvain> Sorry if I cut some of you off sometimes!
<JoseAntonio> UNCONTROL
<Aine> WHew, I'm going cross eyed staring at the screen for so long.
<Jorge> lol Doug
<Aine> Syllvain you did a great job.
<Lorna> good point, Jose - Thanks Walter & Roger! :o0
<TonyW> hehe staring?
<DougA> this has been great~!
<Sylvain> thanks Anne
<Andrea> Roger,please release a 3 CD!!!:)
<Trond> We have been talking for this since 1996.....and now, in 1998, it
happens.  Thank you, Roger.
<kj> I am really glad that I made it today...first time on chat although I
have emailed some of you...lucky that I came
<Henrique> Thanks a lot Roger!!!!! That time you spent with us was very
kind and very sweet
<kj> thank you walter
<Aine> Go for it Roger - we'll each buy 3 copies to make it worth your
while, OK!
<DougA> hey trond time does wait for someone!
<Sylvain> yes THANKS ROGER AND WALTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Henrique> Thank you Walter a lot too
<Torkjel> Thanks to Walter and Roger! :)
<Lorna> My 1st time, too KJ!! wE PICKED A GREAT DAY!!
<TonyW> ROGER-did you ever think of working with Claire Diament again? Or
how about ANNIE HASLAM?
<JoseAntonio> Can you read so fast Roger, This is the normal way of our
<Jorge> lol
<Sylvain> lol
<kj> we did Lorna
<Aine> Enjoy your self over there Walter and we'll talk to you soon.
<Lorna> lol!
<Jorge> Roger... consider coming other time...............
<kj> it was meant to be
<TonyW> yeah, but usually less people are here....Roger attracted a huge
<Andrea> Thanks Walter and thanks Roger!
<DougA> take walter onstage!!
<Jorge> Walter... you will have many things to tell us.. :o)
<Henrique> Hope to talk to you in Rio, i´l be there with Walter!!!!
<kj> I did not even know he was going to be here
<Jorge> lol
<Jorge> do you think THEY are reading this?? :o)
<Sylvain> kj - thank your lucky star! :o)
<JoseAntonio> It have been BLOODY MARVELOUS!!!!!!!!!!
<Sylvain> THEY? who's they?
<Lorna> What a great day this has been!!
<Jorge> like Lorna... :o)
<Aine> Phew I need me dinner guys - it's nearly 9.30 here.
<Jorge> they=walter and roger
<kj> I am off to sling beers
<Sylvain> ok Bye Anne! nice seeing you again! :o)
<DougA> fish and chips Anne!
<Trond> bye
<Sylvain> bye kj!
<Aine> Hey kj - think I'll hit the Bushmills!
<TonyW> you leaving anne?
<kj> Have an our to get ready...look like crap....oh well
<Jorge> bye!!
<Sylvain> come again... even when Roger's not here! lol
<TonyW> kj? hehe
<Aine> No I'm not going yet this is worth it.
*** Torkjel (torkjel@*** has left #supertramp
<TonyW> Bye
<JoseAntonio> Bye Anne and KJ
<Lorna> Bye, Anne - hope your hart rate goes down ;o)
*** Torkjel (torkjel@*** has joined #supertramp
<TonyW> oh hehe
<Jorge> lol Lorna
<kj> I love you guys.....haha
<Jeriby> Since this chat I have contact with Roger AND Karuna, great isn't
<TonyW> Hart Rate? hehe
<DougA> it is!
<Aine> I'm not going (yet).  I'll starve a while longer Lorna.
<Aine> Yeah pulse back to normal.
<Sylvain> ok good! lol
<Jorge> Roger.... still here??? anything to say before signing???????
<DougA> poor old internet is wondering what hit it!
<Aine> Just as well there isn't a video link up on this.  I was playing
fiddle and reading the screen at the same time.
<Lorna> My "e" key his sticking - really it isn't my typing skills! lol!
<Henrique> thank youvery very much to feed a bit of our hunger for
information about you
<Pomfret> I'm still here
<DougA> alright!
<TonyW> oh ok Lorna I believe ya :)
<Lorna> LOL, DOUG!!!
<kj> what a rush...blood pressure is UP...will probably be spilling drinks
will do a toast for Roger
<DougA> Roger's the man of all time!
<TonyW> lol
<Jorge> a time of silence...?
<kj> hey guys keep in touch....HAPPY BDAY TONY!!!!!
<Henrique> Roger, nature´s own little boy.....
<Lorna> Thanks Tony, many wouldn't! Maybe w should include Roger in our
conversation... :O)
<Trond> 7I don't know what to say....I'm overwhelmed........
<Aine> Everyone get their breath  back now......
<Sylvain> bye kj!
<Jorge> keep in touch Kim! come next one!!
<Aine> See ya!
<kj> ok  see ya
<Lorna> Roger, Is Walter a good host? :o)
<Jorge> good Jose... very romantic... particularly by La Alhambra lol
<Henrique> Thanks for coming in Brazil!!!
<TonyW> Nice idea Jose
<Aine> Hey Jose nice idea but in Ireland it's pouring with rain - no moon!
<Pomfret> Roger is in the restroom !!!
<Sylvain> lol!
<Jorge> hehehhe
<Pomfret> Now it's me.. Walter.. the lucky guy !!!
<Jorge> he was all the time awating for a rest... :o)
<Sylvain> I still can't believe this.... wow!!!
<TonyW> ooo what a lucky man he was.....
<Aine> Walter you are incredible.
<DougA> great going Walter!
<Lorna> Hop on a flight to Brazil, Ann! :o)
<JoseAntonio> Sorry Aine!!!!!!!!!!!
<Jorge> Walter... you lucky!!!
<Aine> How do you manage these things.
<Torkjel> Thanks a lot Walter!
<TonyW> thanks for that info.proves he is human too hehe
<DougA> dont ya wanna get high!
<Henrique> Graaande Walter, quero saber de tudo!!!!!
<Jorge> Walter... how is Roger about all this???
<Aine> Hey Walter I'll go into school tomorrow and tell them to shove their
job shall I?
<DougA> lol
<Pomfret> Yes... He's coming back to say goodbye in a few minutes... I have
to play School for him !
<Aine> I'll get on a plane and come to the concert.
<Sylvain> Walter... how was Roger's welcome to Brazil?
* Sound request: can't find ''
* Trond rings the bell
<Jorge> Walter... the piano man.... a great fan indeed!
<TonyW> cool can come live with us in Muncie...we have burger
jobs galore hehe
<Aine> Walter how are your nerves holding out?
<DougA> ask him... does trigger finger have to do with nukes?
<Aine> Haha Tony - yep!
<TonyW> Or the bank we have some openings
<Sylvain> wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Henrique> Walter i´ surprised that you didn´ had an heart attack!!!
<Jorge> lol
<Aine> Oh I can't count Tony - I'm only a science teacher!
<Jorge> good Anne... lol
<Jeriby> yep is the shortest answer Roger gave on an interview!!!
<Lorna> Hey - I am a banker :o)
<Aine> No?  Really Lorna?
<TonyW> well, our HR director use to be a Teahcer anne!
<Sylvain> I work in a bank too... kinda....
<Lorna> Neither can I , Anne & I am a banker!!!! lol
<Aine> Ah there is hope for me too!
*** Trond has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<kj> hey somebody make me get ready for work....
<TonyW> You don't have to count to work in a bank...apparently I don't
count hehe
<Aine> Imagine I said "blast" and I'm from Belfast.  I always put my foot
in it.
<DougA> say goodbye to the old ways
<Sylvain> I've just met you... not sure I want you to leave just yet! :o)
<Pomfret> I say goodbye now. I go to listen to Walter playing songs on the
piano. Whose songs?? I cannot guess. Love to you all
<Lorna> Yup - anyone need a mortgag or a loan... Roger? lol!
<Jorge> thanks Roger!!
<Andrea> Love and peace,Roger!
<Sylvain> Walter is a great pianist!
<Aine> Bye !
<DougA> yeah a loan!
<JoseAntonio> THANKS ROGER
<Sylvain> Bye Roger and THANK YOU!!!!! :o)
<kj> peace
<DougA> line fo credit
<Aine> COme again Roger please!
<DougA> bye Roger!
<Andrea> See ya in Italy next year!!!
<Jorge> Take Walter to the show!!!
<TonyW> we'll giev anyone a loan...
<TonyW> bye Roger!
<Torkjel> Bye Roger, thanks for you time!
<kj> thanks
<Torkjel> Come to norway soon!
<Lorna> Thanks Roger!! :o)
<Jeriby> BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOTS OF HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Jorge> have a great time in South America Roger!!!
<kj> ((((((ROGER))))))
<Henrique> love to you Roger, love to you all
<Aine> Toodle ooh.
<Jorge> and practice some POrtuguese and Spanish.. :o)
<Jeriby> BYE ROGER!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Henrique> folks i had a wonderful time
<Sylvain> come back in two weeks Henrique!
<Jorge> mee too Henrique, me too!
<kj> bye to all email me guys
<Jeriby> and me too!
<Aine> Yeah Henrique.  Come and join us.
<Pomfret> Dear friends, We have to go now.. autographs, ice-creams and
capuccinos.... It was amazing to have ROGER HERE WITH US !!!
<JoseAntonio> IT¨S HAVE BEEN BLLODY MARVELOUS     thanks
<Henrique> i will
<Sylvain> bye Walter!!! thanks :o)
<Aine> Have a choc ice then.
<DougA> enjoy your .. christmas in south america Roger!
<Lorna> Se you 2 weeks sunday on this chat , Roger? I am an optomist!!! :o)
<TonyW> Thanks Both Walter and Roger!
<Jorge> bloo.. bloo... bloody marvellous!!!!!!!!!!
<Sylvain> :o)
<Pomfret> bye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Jorge> we will be here in two sundays>!!!
<DougA> bye!
<Sylvain> bye!!!!!!!!!
<kj> bye
<Andrea> BYE!!!!
<JoseAntonio> bye!!!!!!!!!!
<Henrique> bye.........
*** Pomfret has quit IRC (QUIT)
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